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Male Sexuality and the Problem of Evil

In my book Confronting Sexual Nihilism, it is necessary to recognize the enormous amount of evil connected with sexuality; especially male sexuality. I do not use religious beliefs to support my arguments for the fundamental moral principle restricting male sexuality. However, I want my stance on sexual morality to be able to be enhanced by a Catholic Christian outlook. Hence, I would face the question of how there could be evil in the creation of an all-good, all-powerful and all-knowing God. I do not stop to consider the problem in the book because it would be a distraction from my secular argument and of most importance people who want to maintain a religious outlook should not try to solve the problem of evil.

Consider my argument for the above thesis

1.If you think and feel religiously, then you recognize the enormous evil and disorder in the world, cannot understand why it occurs and feel seriously disturbed by its occurrence.

2. If you develop an adequate theodicy, then you can understand why the enormous evil and disorder occurs.
(Theodicy is a name for a theory on why there is evil in God’s creation.)

So (3) If you solve the problem of evil, then you cease to think and feel religiously.

The mysterious of evil is a necessary condition for religious thinking and feeling. Trying to remove the mysteriousness of evil is try to secularize oneself.

My book Confronting Sexual Nihilism: Traditional Sexual Morality as an Antidote to Nihilism was released by Tate Publishing on March 11, 2014. See Book Web Page for information about the book. The publisher’s listed price is $26.99. Printed copies can be purchased here by credit card for $12.99, plus $3.71 for shipping and handling.

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