Information & Instructions

What is the contest? When is it held?

During October and November of 2023, the Columbus Serra Club is asking each and every Catholic eighth grade boy in the Columbus diocese to devote some careful thought about becoming a priest. We are challenging eighth grade boys to write an essay of five hundred words or less answering  a question about whether God might be calling them to the priesthood.  Writers of the ten best essays will be awarded a $1,000 tuition assistance grant to a dioscean Catholic high school.

What are the toics for the essays?

With five hundred words or less, write an essay on one of the following three topics. Answers must be submitted by December 1, 2023

1.       I think that God might be calling me to be a priest because…

2.       I do not think that God is calling me to be a priest because  . . .

3.       A priest who has played an important role in my life is _______ because he… God might be calling me to follow him into the priesthood because ..  .

May assistance be sought in writing the essay?

This is not a take-home test. Feel free to discuss your thoughts with your family, friends and your pastor. The evaluators are interested in your thoughts and your own words about yourself in relation to the priesthood and God. They are not interested in reading generalities about the priesthood such as an AI app produces. Most importantly consult the highest intelligence. Pray that the Holy Spirit guide you in probing your heart and mind to hear His call.

How are the essays to be submitted?

If you are in a Catholic school, your school will take care of collecting your essays and transferring them to the Serra Club.

If you are not attending a Catholic school, this page is your contact with the Serra Club contest., Submit your essay as an email attachment in Word to by December 1, 2023. Include contact information about your parish, phone #, email address and mailing address.

When will results be announced?

Decisions will be sent to entrants in early February 2024.

What happens to the essays after they are submitted?

Submitted essays are the property of the Columbus Serra Club. The Club will try to publish some essays or, excerpts from essays, in the Catholic Times or other promotional literature for the competition. Names of the entrants will be cited if an entire essay or long excerpt is published.

For further information, please text your question to 614-558-0806

Throughout the contest, answers to frequently asked questions will be posted on this page.

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