What Is Satan’s Sin?

This post continues building a conceptual model of a demonic being who struggles to bring eternal punishment to human beings. It continues reflections from There is a Satan in Opposition to Good. This post answers: What evil did Satan choose?

An assumption is that God created beings to convey His will to the material universe which he intended to create. These messengers of God’s will can properly be called angels. As part of this assumption we can postulate that these messenger beings are organized into an hierarchical society according to the type of messages to be conveyed. Whimsically let us suppose the top two are Lucifer and Michael who would be bearers of the most important messengers of God’s will to the humans who are to be created. For angels, divine messengers, to be as they ought to be is choose as their policy, their maxim, to convey what God wills. For an angel to not be as it ought to be is to choose as it maxim to ,on occasion,convey its own will rather than God’s will to whoever, or whatever, is to receive the message. In effect, a “bad” angel assumes a right to place its will between God and creatures. Thus, the sin of a bad angel is pride

Let us postulate that Lucifer is a bad angel who chose as its operating policy to on occasion convey its messages for human beings rather than what God would convey to human beings. God has no place for a messenger such as Lucifer nor any other messengers who chose as Lucifer. Yet God cannot destroy these beings since as was argued in God Cannot Destroy Satan God cannot destroy beings who have been created with a way they ought to be. Yet they will be separated from God. Where God is, all is as it ought to be; that’s heaven. This condition of separation from God is Hell.

However, because of its indestructibility even in hell, Lucifer, or Satan, still has the function of conveying messages to humans. What messages does Satan want to convey to humans and for what purpose? They won’t be the messages that Michael will convey since Michael has chose as his maxim to convey a message to humans if and only if God wills it to be conveyed. The next post in this series on Satan answers this question. That post is titled ” Why Does Satan Want us to Hell?

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