Delay in postings with philosophical content

I have not made any posts with philosophical content for about six weeks. I have been very busy promoting my book to its niche market.
My text is well suited for two markets.
1. It is valuable for professional philosophers because it raises provocative theses which can stimulate professional philosophers to write papers developing or criticizing them. For instance, my basic theses that we need to uncover moral rules specifically for sexuality challenges moral philosophers to re-evaluate an assumption which has been held amongst moral philosophers for at least 200 years.

2.My text is ideal to be a supplementary text in moral theory and ethics courses in colleges and universities. It is also well suited to be a supplementary text in sociology courses, psychology courses and women studies.

Check out what the text is about by visiting Sexual Nihilism.

I have been sending individual emails to philosophers at Catholic colleges and universities with a request to visit that site.